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LEONOV University of Technology

National space technology platform

NSTP Mission:

  • analysis and working out of recommendations for the development of space activities and preparation of enterprises long-term programs;
  • formation of proposals for research areas and development of technologies for creating promising RCT samples in the Russian Federation.
  • NSTP activities are aimed at solving industrial, scientific, technical, political, social and economic problems of the Russian Federation.

Aims of NSTP establishment:

  • organization of regular networking between participants of the NSTP;
  • development of a long-term strategy for research and applied research and its systematic adjustment;
  • Russian products and services promotion.

Tasks of NSTP

  • development of a long-term strategy for scientific and applied research of the industry and its systematic adjustment;
  • building an open information and communication platform, including using the Internet, to provide communications and public access to information about projects, initiatives and financing mechanisms;
  • achieving a synergistic effect in the industry through building an effective public-private partnership with the interaction of representatives of the state, industry, scientific and expert organizations.

Main lines of reserach:

  • Technologies for using the results of space activities in various sectors of the economy and security;
  • Space education technologies;
  • Spacecraft launch vehicles;
  • Payloads for spacecraft communications, remote sensing of the earth, navigation spacecraft, helio and magnetospheric monitoring;
  • sattelite platforms;
  • basic technologies in the field of materials science, including nanotechnology;
  • production technology in space and space biotechnology;
  • space energy technologies;
  • planetary research using automatic spacecraft;
  • Existing and future payload deductions;
  • Manned flights and space medicine;
  • Rare earth metals in the space industry;
  • Space nuclear power plants and fuel elements;
  • Spacecraft engines for various purposes, including electric rocket, liquid, nuclear.


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