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LEONOV University of Technology

Specialized Department of Information Technologies of Rocket Telemetry

The Department was established on the basis of NPO "Measurement Techniques" in 2008.



Head of Department
Associate Professor
Director General of NPO "Measurement Techniques"


27.03.04 Control in Technical Systems

The major is focused on training qualified professionals who are able to create modern software and hardware tools for research and design, control, technical diagnostics and industrial testing of automatic and automated control systems, whose area of activity is the design, research, production and operation of systems and controls.

Profile: Control and Information Technologies in Space Systems. Information Technologies of Roket Telemetry.

Professions that a graduate can choose:

  • Design Engineer
  • Technical Writer
  • Test Engineer
  • QA Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • System Designer/Architect

Duration of Study: Full-time - 4 years

Specialized Departments:

  • "Control and Information Technologies in Space Systems (on the basis of Maksimov Research Institute of Space Systems, a branch of Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center (NII KS) in Korolev)"
  • "Information Technologies of Rocket Telemetry" (on the basis of NPO "Measurement Techniques", city Korolev)

Partner Enterprises:

  • Maksimov Research Institute of Space Systems, a branch of Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center (NII KS);
  • NPO "Measurement Techniques"
  • JSC "Tactical Missiles Corporation";

Department Staff

Vladimir Artemyev
Associate Professor

Alexander Nevzorov
Associate Professor

Alexander Annenkov
Associate Professor

Alexander Kozlov

Pavel Martynov

Alexander Orlov

Yuri Filichkin

Vladimir Shubin

Subjects taught:

  • Information Security Audit of Automated Systems;
  • State System of Information Protection in Terms of Carrying Out Special Work;
  • Concept of Building Complex Information Protection Systems for an Economic Entity;
  • Methods and Means of Detecting Telltale Characteristics of Implants in the Protected Areas;
  • Methods and Means of Information Protection Through Technical Channels and from Unauthorized Access;
  • Organization of Confidential Information Protection from Unauthorized Access;
  • Basics of Organization and Support of Special Work on Detecting Implants;
  • Assessment of the Confidential Information Protection through Technical Channels and Against Unauthorized Access;
  • Development of the Protected Information Object;
  • Technical Channels of Secuirity Leakage;
  • Effectiveness of Information Security Management;
  • Executive and Power Components of Technical Systems;
  • Measuring and Navigation Devices and Systems;
  • Fundamentals of Modern Telemetry;
  • Designing of Sensor-Transformative Telemetry Equipment;
  • Theoretical Basics for Designing Telemetry Antennas;
  • Practical Training in Obtaining Professional Skills and Experience in Professional Activities (Work Experience Internship);
  • Externship.

Department Laboratories

  • Official Secrets Protection
  • Technical Protection of Information
  • Certification of Informatization Objects (according to information security requirements)
  • Detection of Electronic Bugging Equipment


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141070 Moscow Region,
city of Korolev, st. Gagarin St., 42

+7 (495) 516-99-29
+7 (495) 516-99-46