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LEONOV University of Technology

Specialized department of information security

Vladimir Vasilenko

Vladimir Vasilenko

Head of Department
Professor, D.Sc. in Engineering

The Department was established on the base of JSC “Center of Information Security” in 2021.


  • 10.03.01. Information Security


Vladimir Vasilenko

Vladimir Vasilenko

Vladimir Vasilenko

Professor, D.Sc. in Engineering

Subjects taught:

  • Organization of Protection of Confidential Information from Unauthorized Access
  • Methods and Means of Protecting Information from Unauthorized Access
  • Preparation of the Object of Informatization for Certification according to the Requirements of Information Security

Sergey Ryzhenko

Sergey Ryzhenko

Sergey Ryzhenko

Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Engineering

Subjects taught:

  • Technical Channels of Leakage of Confidential Information
  • Assessment of Security of Confidential Information through Technical Channels and from Unauthorized Access
  • Methods and Means for Protecting Information from Leakage through Technical Channels
  • Development of Shelter Informatization Object


Personal data of employees are provided in accordance with the Consent to the processing of personal data

Policy regarding the processing of personal data

Information about the current requirements for the protection of personal data

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