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LEONOV University of Technology

Problems of regional economy

About publishing office


  1. The founder ofthe scientific journal"Problemsof regional economy" is "Financial andTechnological Academy."
  2. At theend of December 2011by the Order ofthe Federal Service forSupervision in Educationand SciencerecognizedKIUESpassedstate accreditationwith the establishment ofthe status of "Academy". April 12, 2012decision ofthe Moscow Region Governmentв„– 484/13Academyrenamed theState EducationalInstitution of Higher ProfessionalEducationof the Moscow region"Financial andTechnological Academy."
  3. The scientific journal "Problems of regional economy" was registered in the Ministry of Russian Federation for Press, Broadcasting and Mass Communications in 2009.
  4. In 2013, it was re-registered in connection with the renaming of the Founder. Registrationcertificate PI в„–FS77-56404 from 11.12.13g.
  5. Since 2011, included in the list of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications, which should be published basic scientific results of dissertations for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences. • Periodicity -4 issues per year.
  6. Indexdirectory"STI Rospechat"-62190.
  7. The magazineis available onthe websiteof the largest Russianinformation portalin the field ofscience, technology, medicine and education -Scientific ElectronicLibrary(SEL) andis included in theRussian Science Citation Index(RISC).

Chief editor page

Суглобов А.Е. ВРЭ.JPGChief editor Bank S.V.

Bank Sergey Valerievich – Doctor of Economic sciences, professor. He wrote more than 200 scientific papers, 110 of which in the journals included in the list of recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK). He also published 12 monographs and 9 textbooks and teaching aids recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. In his works he touches upon and reveals such pressing problems in such areas as audit, economic security, accounting, economic analysis, financial management, taxes, risk assessment and etc. He is the head of the scientific school, He is the head of the scientific school, in the framework of which eight candidates of economic sciences were defended. He was awarded the Order of the Institute of Professional Accountants "For Merits in the Development of the Profession" Professor in 1994 graduated from Tashkent State University and further worked in the following positions: assistant, associate professor, professor, head of the department, dean. In 2008, the professor defended his doctoral thesis on "Methodology of financial accounting, analysis and audit of operations with derivatives in the period of harmonization and adaptation to international standards" scientific specialty 08.00.12 "Accounting, Statistics".

Contact Information.
  1. 141070, Moscow region, Korolev, Oktyabrskaya Street 10 A, room 2113.
  2. Tel. 8 (495) 543-34-30, ext. 138
  3. E-mail:

Editorial Board and editorial Council of "Problems of regional economy"

Editorial board and editorial team


Publishing ethics

Publishing ethics


Editors of the scientific magazine "Problems of regional economy" is available at:

  • 141070, Moscow region, Korolev, Oktyabrskaya Street 10 A, room 2113.
  • Tel. 8 (495) 543-34-30, ext. 138
  • E-mail:
  • Contact person: Julia Parshina and Pirogova Elena Vladimirovna


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141070 Moscow Region,
city of Korolev, st. Gagarin St., 42

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