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LEONOV Moscow Region
University of Technology

Gala ceremony «Graduate of the University of Technology-2021»

01.07.2021 Gala ceremony «Graduate of the University of Technology-2021» The Leonov University of Technology hosted a solemn ceremony «Graduate-2021». At the ceremony the bachelors, specialists and masters of the university were awarded the diplomas of higher education.

The solemn ceremony was held in compliance with all security measures in several stages. The graduates received diplomas in groups of up to 50 people. The parents and relatives of the graduates had the opportunity to follow the broadcast of the ceremony on the university's educational portal.

In total, 938 students (including 36 foreign citizens) graduated from the University of Technology this year, 191 of them became the owner of honors diplomas. Many of the graduates, along with the main diploma of higher education, also got a diploma of additional qualification «Translator in the field of professional communication».

The warmest congratulations addressed to young professionals were made from those who had watched their growing up and formation all these years – from the president of the university Tatiana Startseva, rector Alexei Shchikanov, deans of institutes and university professors.

The honorary guests came to the University of Technology to personally congratulate the graduates: Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Kravchenko, Deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma Sergey Kerselyan, Deputy Director of the Special Research Department of the Information Security Center Sergey Ryzhenko, Head of the department of JSC «Kompozit» Alla Logacheva, Deputy Director of the Maksimov Research Institute of Space Systems Leonid Popov, chief specialist of the personnel department of NPO IT Alexander Nevzorov and adviser to the general director of the JSC «Tactical Missiles Corporation» Vladimir Bugreev. They wished the allumni happiness, the implementation of all their plans and great professional victories.

It is very valuable for young specialists to get a diploma from the hands of the representatives of the rocket and space and IT industries, because tomorrow they will join the teams of these enterprises. The employers expect the breakthrough ideas and new scientific discoveries from the graduates of the University of Technology.

The guys, in turn, promised to proudly carry the title of graduates of the University of Technology, never forget their Alma mater and warmly thanked the teaching staff for their work, patience and love for their work.

At the end of the ceremony, the graduates, together with the management, teachers and guests of the university, sang the university's anthem  and then, making the innermost wishes, released the white pigeons into the sky.



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